News & Events

At St. Christopher's there is always something happening!  Please make sure that you check the calendar regularly for details of upcoming events so that you don't miss out!

Each Friday we send out a newsletter that you can collect on the door and there are also copies available on the website.  Each month we hold a 'Stay and Play' Friday where parents are invited to spend the first part of the morning working alongside their children and the staff.  It's a great way to meet other parents and see your child's learning at school in action. We also, wherever possible, invite support services such as the Health Visitor, the School Health Nurse and members of the Community Support Team.  Details of the events will be published on the newsletters and the web calendar. We hope you can make it too! 

When you come into the unit please make sure that you check the notice board as this will be where the last minute news is published for example if any there are any staff changes on that day.

Magic Moments:

We try our utmost to keep you informed and love to hear your news too.  All learning is a cause for celebration and many children will practise what they have learnt across home and school as well as all of the learning that happens with you at home.  If you notice that your child has tried something for the first time, managed something that they have previously needed help with or there is anything that you want to share about your activities together then let us know.  We have 'Magic Moment' slips to jot these special events down so that we can share it with your child at school and add it to your child's Learning Journey together.  The Learning Journey then becomes a reflection of your child's learning across a wide variety of settings and situations.  They are great to read through together and are available in the setting for the children, parents and staff to share.   Each fortnight they will be coming home to give you an opportunity to talk about them and add your own comments. 

Please download a copy of the Magic Moments to Share slip below:



  1. Magic Moments to share